Experiences are what matters most

I’ve spent my life exploring the corners of the world looking for answers. This blog is an attempt to capture and document the universal laws that guide our life.

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My life changed when I began travelling. Having tasted freedom and abundance I became fascinated by this lifestyle. But freedom has various traps; that if unchecked can lead to a life of chaos. My life’s work is bringing order and freedom into people’s lives so that they may finally wake up energized, sharp and godly.

My Philosophy

A Personal Guide to Life

I’m constantly contacted by people trying to escape the mundane. I first remind them that a lifestyle of freedom is not for everyone. Freedom is for those who are courageous and willing to leave mediocrity behind. Adventure, excitement and curiosity await.

Freedom is Found Through Courage.

If you’re still reading you definitely want to know how to break away from your mental chains.


Get a Journal

This will be where you write down the framework of your life. What gets measured gets accomplished.

Write Down Your Ethics

Very simply state what you will and will not do. You need to know your boundaries.

List the Things You Admire About Yourself

This will go something like "I admire my ability to appreciate nature and its beauty.

Write a List of Your Fears

Try to write at least fifteen whether they be big or small.

Step Out Of Your Comfort

Set a weekly goal to try to tackle each of your fears.

Write Your Goals

Only after attempting to tackle your fears may you start writing your goals. Write down your goals in the main three areas: money, relationships, and health.

Good luck!

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